About Reskinned

Repairing and reusing items that we already own is a great first step towards having less impact on the planet. That's why Salt-Water Sandals have joined forces with Reskinned. Together we want to extend the lifespan of our sandals by giving them a second life and a new home.

Give your sandals a new lease of life by trading them in for £10 credit towards a fresh pair. No matter if your sandals have weathered numerous adventures, no longer fit or you have simply fallen out of love - don't let them end up as landfill.

Trade them in here and allow us to have them revived and find those sandals a new home.

*Save £15 when you trade in a pair of adult Salt-Water Sandals and £10 when you trade in a pair of children’s Salt-Water Sandals.


Shop Pre-Loved Salt-Water Sandals

If they can be worn again, they will! Reskinned will make any repairs, refresh them and clean up our sandals before they hit the resale platform.

With over 20 years of experience in textile recycling, Reskinned is investing in new ways to improve recycling in the UK. Using their knowledge and experience they have built a reliable network of options for our sandals, carefully renewing and restoring our pre-loved sandals ready for a new home!

Buy Well, Buy Less, Make it Last.