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These Terms and Conditions are important because they outline your legal rights whilst using our website or buying our products from the site, please read them carefully along with our privacy policy and delivery information.

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Our website may be referred to in these Terms and Conditions as ‚ÄúSALT-WATER‚ÄĚ ‚Äúwe‚ÄĚ / ‚Äúus‚ÄĚ / ‚ÄúSite‚Äô / ‚Äúthe Site‚ÄĚ, or ‚Äúour Site‚Äô/ ‚Äúour website‚ÄĚ.

Our website address is https://www.salt-watersandals.co.uk

Before we get into our Terms and Conditions, we need to identify ourselves, we are:

1. The Seller:

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are for SIKADA LTD trading as SALT-WATER SANDALS UK, a limited liability company.

1.1 Registered Office

G05 Regent Studios
1 Thane Villas
London N7 7PH
United Kingdom

1.2 Company Registration Number:

reg 07433883

1.3 UK VAT Number:

GB 230556235

1.4 Telephone Number:

+44 207 281 8499

To make contact with us please email us here

2. Application & Understanding of Terms & Conditions

If you decide to purchase any products shown on our website by purchasing online via our website, your purchase will be subject to these Terms and Conditions. Our website provides the opportunity to buy from us online.

If you decide to review our website, make enquiries about our products or Contact Us via our website, your use of the website will be subject to these terms and conditions.

By using our website you have accepted the SIKADA LTD trading as SALT-WATER SANDALS Terms and Conditions

Our website shows products for the purpose of selling online to individuals.

Our Terms and Conditions are covered in sections, to help you make your way through them, these are:

  • Information about¬†SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd¬† SIKADA LTD trading as SALT-WATER SANDALS and how and where to make contact with us and how the Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Points 3 -12.1 cover General Terms and Conditions of Sale,
  • Points 12.2 -14 cover Terms and Conditions of Website Use
  • Point 15 covers Legal Terms
  • Our Privacy Statement & Policy can be found¬†here
  • Our Delivery offer and policy can be found¬†here
2.1 Wholesale Enquiries:

If you have a retail store and would like to sell our products, or become a stockist, please do get in touch.

2.2 Amendments to Terms & Conditions:

SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd may update these Terms and Conditions of both website use and sale or purchase at any time without notice. We advise you to check the Terms and Conditions when you use our website and when you purchase online from us as the Terms and Conditions stated on our website at the time you buy online from us are binding.

3 General terms & conditions of sale

3.1 Product Availability

Our Product offers and prices are valid as long as they remain visible on the Site, subject to availability of stocks. Out of stock items are indicated.

If you are ordering the last of an item available at the same time as another customer, we cannot guarantee that by the time you check out the stock will still be available, this depends on how fast you complete your online order. If your order goes through and it transpires your item is no longer in stock our Customer Services team will contact you within 48 hours and offer you the chance to; cancel your order; choose another item; wait for the item to come back into stock (dependent on stock availability).

SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd shall not liable if Products are out of stock or unavailable for orders that have not yet been accepted by SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd.

SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd reserves the right to change the Products offered on the Site at any time without prior notice.

SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd reserves the right to limit the number of Products which can be purchased per customer.

4 Product Online Order & Account Management Process

4.1 Order process:

Step 1: Select product: Choose the product: by clicking on it.

Step 2: Select size: Make sure you have understood our product sizing to avoid disappointment, there is an explanation of sizing for each item on the website, some sizes are different to the standard sizes dependent on style and we advise you what to select based on your normal size.

Step 3: Select quantity: How many pairs of our lovely sandals you want to buy!

Step 4: Add to basket

Step 5: Proceed to checkout: If you have an existing Salt-Water account then you will be prompted to log in after entering your email address (if not already logged in). If you do not have an existing account, you can decide after checkout whether to create an account or checkout at as a guest dependent on your preference.

Step 6: Provide personal / Payment & delivery details: name, address, payment and delivery information:

Enter your name and address and details for delivery address as well as the billing address as prompted by our website. Then select your delivery option.

Step 7: Select dispatch method: Choose your preferred method of dispatch and the speed of delivery, our website will advise you of the options dependent on the location of the delivery point.

Step 8: Complete payment details: Our website explains what methods you can use to pay including Paypal / Credit and Debit card options.

Step 9: Check your order: The details will be displayed to you at payment stage, make sure they are correct and edit if they are not. Here you must click you accept our Terms and Conditions in order to place your order.

Step 10: Complete purchase:¬†Click ‚Äėplace order‚Äô to confirm your online purchase acknowledgment.

Step 9: Order confirmation: Once you have completed your purchase our system will send you an order confirmation by email.This is an acknowledgment of your order being placed and not a confirmed order contractually. 

4.2 Creating an account & account function:

Once you have created an account you will be able to:

- monitor your deliveries and view your order history;
- add or edit your delivery and billing addresses for future orders;
- manage your subscription to the SALT-WATER SANDALS newsletter.

4.3 Deactivating your account

You may have your account deactivated at any time by sending an email to the Customer Service team here. You can also deactivate your account through your account.

4.4 Liability for access to your SALT-WATER Account:

You may be held liable for any loss, theft or fraudulent use of your customer account if you have not taken reasonable care filling in and protecting the details. Responsibility for making sure no third party accesses your online account with us lies with you.

4.5 Disputes & data:

The data recorded by the Site constitutes proof of all transactions made between SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd and its customers. In the event of a dispute between SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd and its customers about a transaction made on the Site, the data recorded by SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd will be considered as irrefutable proof of the content of the transaction. For information about how we handle and keep your data safe please see our Privacy Statement and Policy.

4.6 Product & detail accuracy:

We make every effort to ensure that the colour and design of the Products in the photographs shown on the Site matches the original Products. Variations may occur, in particular the colour depending on your individual computer equipment. Consequently, SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd shall not be held liable for any error or inaccuracy in the photographs or graphic representations of the Products included on the Site.

4.7 Product order queries:

If you have any queries about placing your order or about our products shown on the website, please give our customer service team a call. Once your order is placed you will receive an order confirmation e mail with a summary of your order details including: Ordered items / cost / shipping details and delivery timing. We advise you keep a copy of this.

4.8 Order acceptance & refusal:

SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd reserves the right to refuse any order placed by a customer with whom it has a dispute concerning a prior order, or in the event that SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd has reasonable cause to suspect that any customer has violated these Terms and Conditions, or is engaged in any fraudulent activity, or on any other legitimate grounds.

SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd have a legal right of withdrawal of your order under applicable law, without having to provide reasons and without having to pay any penalties.  SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd  can withdraw or cancel your order within 14 days of the product being ordered. The contract between consumer and SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd states that the order is only accepted once the product has been despatched. Email confirmation is simply an acknowledgment. If an order has been despatched or the consumer is contacted beyond the 14 day period, SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd will no longer be able to exercise the right of withdrawal. SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd do not need to provide reasoning for terminating an order prior to the order being accepted.

4.9 Retention of order transaction data ‚Äď orders over ¬£120:

When an order is over £120, SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd will retain the document that embodies the contract entered into electronically between SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd and you for a period starting from the entering into of the contract until the date of delivery of the product and for a period of six years from this date.  For information about how we handle and keep your data safe please see our Privacy Statement and Policy.

4.10 Access to transaction data for orders over £120:

You may access your transaction data and any of your other data held by us for legislative or service reasons at any time by contacting the Customer Service team, our Data Protection Officer will then get in touch with you.

5 Pricing & Payment

5.1 Tax on Prices:

All product prices include VAT or Sales Tax in regions where SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd has reached local Tax thresholds. This will be automatically calculated and shown on the Site you are viewing.

Shipping is quoted exclusive of VAT or Sales Tax and has VAT or Sales Tax added into the total before order completion if Sales Tax is applicable to the region the order is being placed from.

5.2 Returns product repayment:

If you return our product to us in the condition it was shipped to you, S SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd will reimburse you in full for the value of the products returned.

5.3 Price changes:

SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd reserves the rights to amend the prices of the Products on the Site at any time without prior notice.

5.4 Payment methods:

SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd accepts a range of payment methods including Pay pal, credit cards and debit cards; the details of these are shown in the checkout area. Please review our Privacy statement and policy to clarify how we protect your data whilst handling your product orders, payments and orders.

5.5 Order dispatch after payment:

Your order will be dispatched after your chosen payment method has been verified.

6 Product Ownership / Title Retention

The Products ordered remain the property of SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd until full payment for the Products has been received by SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd.

However you assume the risks (in particular regarding loss, theft or damage) relating to the delivered Products from the moment they are delivered to the address specified when placing your order.

7. Shipping

Delivery charges and timescales vary depending on the number of products ordered, the service you select and the delivery address. You‚Äôll find full details of our delivery charges under the ‚ÄėDelivery‚Äô section of our website.

7.1 Delivery & dispatches:

We aim to despatch all orders placed before 9.30am the same working day.

All orders are despatched by the next day.

Express orders placed before 11am are despatched the same working day. 

Please refer to the Delivery section of our website for more details.

There are various options through courier companies for re arranging delivery if the first attempt has not been successful, you are advised to select the option for delivery which allows you or someone else to be at your address to sign for your package, if you are not going to be there, to avoid the need for re delivery where possible.

Please note that certain delivery options may be subject to alternative delivery charges, restrictions and or timescales. If delivery cannot be made to a customer due to the customer not being present at the address at the time allotted by the carrier, or if any customer refuses to accept the products on delivery, SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd reserves the right charge for the cost for returning products to the relevant SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd returns centre for the order.

7.2 Holiday deliveries:

Please note during national holiday periods (Easter / Christmas / Bank Holidays) delivery and dispatch will be slower. Our warehouse and all Courier services also deserve a break with their families and often we rely on a skeleton staff of eager beavers.

7.3 Delivery areas:

Products purchased on the SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd site may only be delivered to the following areas:

Mainland United Kingdom, Non-Mainland United Kingdom

7.4 Non delivery to PO boxes or DX addresses:

For security reasons, SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd shall not process any order for which a general delivery address, a P.O. box, or a DX address is given.

7.5 Compliance with delivery address provided:

All Products will be shipped to the delivery address specified when placing your order.

7.6 Shipping cost calculation & method:

Shipping costs are calculated on the basis of the products selected, the weight and dimensions of the package, the total value of your order, the shipping region and method and speed selected. For specific regional delivery costs and speed options available, please refer to the ‚ÄėDelivery‚Äô section of our website.

Please note that free shipping is only available in certain countries. Please check if you are eligible by entering your Postcode and City at checkout.

SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd reserves the right to divide your order into several shipments. Your credit, debit card or Paypal account shall then be charged accordingly to correspond to the price of Products actually shipped. In the instance that your order is divided into several shipments, The shipping costs shall only be charged for a single shipment in accordance with the information contained in your order summary.

If you have any questions please Contact Us.

8. Delivery Problems

8.1 Failure to deliver:

Any failure to deliver, late delivery, exceeding the delivery times must be reported to our Customer service team as soon as possible.

No claims notified to us more than thirty (30) calendar days from the date of confirmation of your order will be taken into account.

In the event of failure to adhere to the delivery time, you can cancel the order by contacting our Customer Service Team. (This does not include missed attempted deliveries, please see point 7.1 for this.

Where the supply of your product(s) is delayed or prevented for reasons beyond our control (for example, higher than anticipated demand or customer error in delivery address ) we will make every effort to keep you informed but shall be under no liability to you for such delay or failure. For the avoidance of doubt, this paragraph does not exclude or effect in any way any statutory right that you have to cancel an order when a product is delayed or not provided.

8.2 Repayment of cancelled or returned orders:

You can either return products or cancel (withdraw) your order, these options have different processes outlined in points 9 and 10 of these Terms and Conditions.

Repayment of cancelled orders

If you choose to cancel your order and follow the correct process outlined in point 9, SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd will reimburse you the full amount of the products returned, to us, within a maximum of fourteen (14) days of the date of the termination of the sales contract, which is when you tell us of your cancellation in writing by e mailing our Customer service team, using the Contact Us form. Please see point 9 for the full process. If you receive the Product after having exercised the right to cancel your order, you must return it in accordance with the return procedure indicated in these Terms and Conditions see point 10.

Reypayment of returned orders

If you choose to return your order when you have received it, you can do this within 14 days of receiving the product(s) following the process outlined in point 10. SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd will reimburse you the full amount of the products returned within a maximum of 14 days of receiving the product back to our returns address please see point 10 of these Terms and Conditions for details.

8.3 Faulty Product Packaging:

You should check for any lack of conformity in the Products at the time of delivery and, if any anomalies are found (e.g: open package, damaged goods, etc.), we recommend that you handwrite any reservations, if possible on the delivery note, and sign it, keeping a copy yourself, as well as taking a photograph. You should then contact the Customer Services Team by email by clicking on Contact Us link in the website footer and provide your delivery note and photograph.

8.4 Faulty Products:

If the goods do not conform to your order or you are not satisfied with them, you may return them. You will then receive a refund dependent on the terms and conditions stated in "Right of Withdrawal ‚Äď Returns, Exchanges and Refunds" point 9 of these Terms and Conditions.

¬†9. Right of Withdrawal¬† / Cancellation ‚Äď Returns / Exchanges and Refunds¬†

9.1 Right of Withdrawal / Cancellation and Withdrawal Period

You have a legal right of withdrawal of your order under applicable law, without having to provide reasons and without having to pay any penalties. You can withdraw or cancel your order within 14 days of the date of product delivery to you, Beyond this time, you will no longer be able to exercise your right of withdrawal.

You must take reasonable care of the goods while in your possession.

If you have asked us to deliver to a third party, you will only be able to exercise this cancellation right if you can return the goods to us yourself (or arrange for us to collect them at your expense).

Once we have received all (not part) of your order to the returns address specified on the returns label we will fully refund you as long as the sandals have not been worn and the shoe box is undamaged. It is your responsibility to ensure that the sandals are returned undamaged. Please ensure you use a tracked service and use appropriate packing to return the goods to us.  In the event that the product(s) are damaged during transit we may send the product back to you - this is at our discretion.

SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd have a legal right of withdrawal of your order under applicable law, without having to provide reasons and without having to pay any penalties.  SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd  can withdraw or cancel your order within 14 days of the product being ordered.

The contract between consumer and SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd states that the order is only accepted once the product has been despatched. Email confirmation is simply an acknowledgment. If an order has been despatched or the consumer is contacted beyond the 14 day period, SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd will no longer be able to exercise the right of withdrawal. SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd do not need to provide reasoning for terminating an order prior to the order being accepted.

9.2 Procedure for exercising your right of withdrawal

Please fill out and submit a notification of withdrawal or cancellation online by contacting our customer services team by email at sales@salt-watersandals.com. We need to have your cancellation or withdrawal in writing within 14 days of your receipt of the product(s). You can write us a letter but we advise e-mailing as if we do not receive a letter within 14 days at our UK address below, we will not be able to make a refund.

Please note the following address is for letters only, not returns. It is the UK based so letters may take longer than emails to reach us.

Salt-Water Sandals
G05 Regent Studios
1 Thane Villas
N7 7PH

You should send back our product(s), without undue delay and not later than 14 days from the day on which you communicate your cancellation of the Sales contract to us. Any paid delivery charge will be included in your refund once we have received all (not part) of your order to the returns address specified on the returns label. Please note that the delivery charge refund (in the event delivery charges were made) will be to the value of standard delivery. 

10. Process for Returns, Exchanges and Refunds

In the event the product does not comply with your order or in the context of your right of withdrawal or cancellation, you may ask for a refund of the Product(s) purchased.

10.1 Exchanges

An exchange can only be made on a faulty product. If you change your mind and want another product in place of the one you ordered, you must return the order you made and we will refund you, as long as it is received in the same condition we sent it and within 14 days of your notification to us. Your notification to us must be made within 14 days of receipt of goods. Your refund will be made within 14 days of our receipt of your product back. You can then make a new order for your preferred option.

10.2. Faulty products

If you have received a faulty product please get in touch with our Customer Services team who will look into this and may offer an exchange. You can then return your parcel to the returns address (see point 10.5 below) within a maximum of fourteen (14) days.

10.3. Process for sending returns back

All products should be returned in their original packaging including original box, inserts etc (in good un-worn condition) together with their purchase invoice or a copy in the case of a partial return. Returning a product for refund is at your expense. SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd will not accept charges for returning any item.

In order to make a return, you must return the Products to us either via our carrier using the returns slip in the box, or you may choose your own carrier but we advise  sending the shoes back to us tracked and insured, within a maximum of fourteen 14 days of your notification of withdrawal, or intention to return by following the returns process sent to you with your package and here.

  1. a) Notify our customer services team of either your intention to return goods or if you have already told us of your intention to withdraw then give us the returns information in the box with the shoes using our returns slip.
  2. b) Simply fill in the returns slip in the box with your shoes. If you are missing your returns slip then please follow the guidelines here and be sure to include a piece of paper that includes your order details (order number, name, items to be returned, reason for return). Without this, we will not be able to process your return.
  3. c) Select your carrier (either ours using the pre-addressed label) or your own, wrap the parcel carefully making sure packing and product are undamaged and in the same condition we sent them to you in. 
  4. d) Make sure you insure and track the package if you select your own carrier. 
  5. e) Dispatch with your carrier. 

Please see our Returns section for more details.

10.4 Damaged or lost returns

If returned products are lost or damaged in transit, we reserve the right to charge you or not to refund any amounts attributable to such loss or damage.

For the avoidance of doubt, we advise you to take out the insurance offered by the carrier. S SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd will not be liable if any Product you wish to return to the us is lost, sent to the wrong address or delivered late insofar as you must bear the risks of the shipment method you have chosen and initiated.

10.5 UK Returns Address

Unit G05 Regent Studios
1 Thane Villas
London, N7 7PH

United Kingdom

10.6 Process for refund payment

  • a) Please follow the returns process in 10.3 above or refer to our¬†Returns¬†page on the website to return your shoes to us.
  • b)¬†You will be sent a confirmation email once we receive your returned items.
  • c)¬†We will then inspect and process the items in our QC (Quality Control) department to ensure they are in the same condition we sent them to you in. Processing involves checking the products, giving approval and passing of your customer details to our accounts department.¬†
  • d) Refunds to your chosen payment method, will be processed within 14 days. However please note that your bank may take up to 10 ten business days to issue a refund to the card you used to pay for the goods, dependent on their stated processing times. This may vary among card issuers; we have no control over this part of the process or the corresponding processing times.
  • e) We will email you when your refund is approved passed to our accounts team. The refund will be issued via the same payment method used for the order and in the same currency used by you to make the order.
  • f) Delivery costs will only be reimbursed if the order has been cancelled in writing and/or is faulty.
  • g) The cost of returns is at your expense. We will debit the cost of using our prepaid address carrier label (if you choose to use it) to return the shoes to us. Alternatively as outlined in point 10.3 above you may choose to use a different carrier and our pre addressed label, but we advise insurance and tracking as we cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items and you will not be refunded if they are lost or damaged in transit to us.

10.7 Process for returns for PayPal orders:

If you ask for a refund, your PayPal account will be credited the original purchase amount, excluding any shipping costs

11. Legal and Commercial Guarantees

11.1 Legal Guarantees

Legal guarantee of conformity: 

SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd will deliver a Product to you that is consistent with the sales contract and free from any defects upon delivery of Product, in that the Product will be as described, fit for purpose, of satisfactory quality. If the Product does not comply with these requirements you have certain legal rights: in accordance with applicable consumer law, during the expected lifespan of the Product, you are entitled to the following:

(a) up to 30 days after delivery, if the Product is proved faulty you can get a full refund; and

(b) up to 6 months after delivery, if the Product is proved faulty and it can't be replaced by us, then you can get a full refund in most cases; and  

This is a summary of your key consumer rights and for detailed information about the applicable law you should contact your relevant regional consumer affairs adviser.

In the event of defects, Products should be returned to the following address:

The Product(s) will be quality checked on arrival:

Salt-Water Sandals UK Ltd
Unit G05 Regent Studios
1 Thane Villas
London, N7 7PH

United Kingdom

11.2 Legal Compliance

You agree that you will not use, sell or supply any product(s) purchased from SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd in an unlawful manner and, in particular, will comply with all export controls and sanctions rules.

12 Limitation of Liability

12.1 General Limited Liability:

Under no circumstances will SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd be held liable for any damage not resulting from a failure on the part of SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd to comply with one of its obligations.


12.2 Use of Website Limited Liability‚Äď SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd¬†Limited Liability:

Use of this site and any services contained therein are at the sole discretion of SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd and its management. While we endeavour to ensure the website is available at all times, we reserve the right to modify or terminate all or any part of the service at any time, and for any reason, without notice and without liability.

SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd disclaims any and all responsibility, liability, representations, warranties, or any other terms, express or implied, for the accuracy, legality, operability, availability, merchantability, non-infringement, or completeness of any part of the content upon this site. SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd disclaims any responsibility for any harm, loss, or damage resulting from viewing or downloading any media from this site or linked to by this site.

SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd make no warranty that this site, any content, or the servers used, are free of viruses or other harmful media. The user assumes all responsibility for any necessary servicing, repair, and/or correction that may result.

External links: This website may contain links to other websites. SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd make no guarantees, representations, or warranties about those sites or the content therein.

User Views: The views expressed in any user generated content on the website are the opinions of those users and do not represent the views, opinions, beliefs or values of SALT-WATER SANDALS or any of its offices or staff.

Damages: Under no circumstances will SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd be held liable to any user, for any damages resulting from the use or misuse of the services provided. Our maximum liability to you shall be limited to the sum of £50, or the sums paid by you to us, whichever is greater.

Assignment of Rights: You may not transfer or delegate any rights, permissions, or responsibilities as set out in these terms to any other person without express written permission from us.

Some countries may disallow the exclusion of implied warranties, so the above exclusions may not apply.

Breach: Any breach of these terms and conditions and you will be personally liable to indemnify us in full for any loss, liability, or costs incurred or arising.

These terms do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

Waiver: No relaxation or delay by us in exercising any right or remedy under these Terms and Conditions shall operate as waiver of that right or remedy or shall affect our ability to subsequently exercise that right or remedy. Any waiver must be agreed by us in writing.

Severability: If any of these Terms and Conditions are found to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable by any court of competent and applicable  jurisdiction, the rest of these Terms and Conditions shall remain in full force and effect.

13 Intellectual Property Rights 

13.1 Product Copyright & Trade Marks

All content on this site, unless otherwise specified, is copyright © SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd and / or Hoy shoes Inc 2011 all rights reserved. Sun-San Salt-Water sandals and associated logos are trademarks of Hoy shoes Inc in the UK and other countries.

13.2 Website Intellectual Property

You agree not to copy, distribute, imitate any of the artwork, content, or other media contained in this website. You agree to not attempt to reverse engineer, misuse, or damage any part of the website or the server infrastructure.

You may not use any part of this service in a way in which may be illegal, either by UK & EU law or within the jurisdiction where the site is being accessed from.

You also hereby acknowledge that SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd own the Intellectual Property rights to all materials within this website and any additional content or media provided by SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd unless otherwise specified.

This Site is created and operated by Salt-Water Sandals UK Ltd, situated in the UK.

14 Competitions / Sale and Promotional Codes

14.1 Participant Conditions

All participants must be 18 years or older and reside in the UK or EU member states, unless stated otherwise. Entries submitted after the official deadline are not valid. SALT-WATER SANDALS UK LTD/SALT-WATER SANDALS EU SASU/SALT-WATER SANDALS ASIA PTE.Ltd employees cannot take part in any of the competitions. The participants must provide valid contact details we can use to get in touch. All the entries with invalid contact details will be disqualified.

14.2 Our Privacy Policy is compliant with UK and EU GDPR law, protecting your privacy and data.

Please note that when using a promotional code all sales must be returned at your own cost unless faulty so please study the sizing guides carefully. Next day delivery cannot be guaranteed for any promotion. No returns or refunds on sale items are permitted unless faulty. No other promotional codes will work on sale items. It is not permitted to use two promotional codes together for one order. Promotional codes will not work on new in season colours of styles for the year they are released. 

Check our FAQs for more info on competitions, promotions and sales.

14.3 Submissions:  

Any submissions to our Site should not include:

  • profanity, blasphemy, spiteful, racist, sexually explicit, sexually gratuitous or discriminatory comments of any sort including content that might be considered to be harassment, abuse or threatening against the personal safety or property of others
  • comments about third parties
  • remarks that repeat or make any misleading statements
  • personal information of any sort, either about yourself or third parties including any contact, address or payment details.
  • any attempts to advertise any other product or brand or any spam
  • website links, URL‚Äôs or code script
  • any other comments about other brands, their supply chains or our own.

Legal Terms

15 Governing Law - Disputes

15.1. Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions of Sale are governed and construed in accordance with England and Wales law. However, in accordance with Regulation EC 593/2008 of 17 June 2008, these Terms and Conditions shall not preclude compliance on the part of SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd with a provision that is more favourable to the customer, and which shall apply in full by agreement, under the law where the customer has their habitual residence.

15.2 Disputes

In the event of a dispute related to the fulfilment of an order, you may have recourse to a conventional mediation procedure or to any other alternative procedure for settlement of a dispute.

If your complaint is about a product, our website or anything else, please email us. You can find our contact details on the Contact us page.

SALT-WATER SANDALS UK Ltd may file a claim before the courts where you are domiciled.

All contracts for the purchase and sale of our products from the Website shall be concluded in the language of these Terms and Conditions.

15.3 Entire Agreement

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