How to Clean Salt-Water Leather Sandals

Friday 24 November 2023
How to Clean Salt-Water Leather Sandals

How to Clean Leather Sandals

The best way to clean our women’s leather sandals and our kids’ leather sandals is at home by hand.

  • Place them in a bowl of cold water and add a little mild detergent.

  • Use a soft cloth to wipe them down and put them outside on a warm day to dry.

  • Voila! You now have a pair of clean leather sandals.

The specially treated leather means they won’t dry hard, but we still recommend to dry them flat instead hanging them up on the line. You don’t need to worry about the buckles either as they’re made from rust-proof brass.


How to Wash White Salt-Water Sandals

You can use the same method of cleaning across our entire style and colour range, a great way to give your worn sandals a new lease of life.

Due to our unique water-proof sealant, which is used on all Salt-Water and Sun-San Sandals, we recommend that leather protectors and brushes are not used as they can erode the special sealant. Simply washing down with cool water will keep them looking as good as new! 

We never expect our sandals to scratch or scruff but, if they do and you choose to get them repaired or painted over the waterproof qualities can be compromised so bare that in mind.

Salt-Water and Sun-San Sandals are designed to last summer after summer, year after year. From street to sand and sea, our flat leather sandals are made with comfort and durability in mind. If you have any other questions about your Sun-San or Salt-Water Sandals please check out our FAQs page.