How to Wear Socks and Sandals

Friday 24 November 2023
How to Wear Socks and Sandals

Are Socks and Sandals a Trend?

If fun, comfort, warmth and cosiness is a trend - then the answer is yes! Socks and sandals fashion isn't going anywhere and the trend that is socks and sliders has now become a weekend wardrobe staple for many.

For something special why not add a touch of sparkle or try glistening sheer socks with sandals? A glittery sock paired with a sandal from our premium metallic range will give you true twinkle toes. We have four beautiful colourways in the metallics range; gold, rose goldsilver and pewter plus mash up styles that combine several colours in one sandal. Check out Russian Venchanie and Argent.

If you’re wondering how to wear sandals in winter or why wear socks with sandals the Shark Original is a very good place to start. With extra protection over the toes, it lends itself to the look at this time of year. Plus, as the foot and toes are mostly covered, it allows you to play with contrasts. Shark Originals come in eight different colours and you can see the full range here. Fisherman socks with sandals for the win!

Dip your toes in the sandals and socks trend by sticking with neutral shades. Our best-selling tan Original teamed with a neutral ribbed sock is at the subtler end of the socks with sandals spectrum. The Original is the first sandal that Walter Hoy designed back in the 1940’s and the heritage design fits well with this preppy presentation. 

Socks For Sandals

Colourful patterned tights or socks worn with a neutral sandal also do the trick. The Salt-Water Classic in black is adjustable over the toe and at the ankle and looks super cool with these statement smiley face socks. We have six different styles in black sandals. Team them with glitter, spots or animal print and they’ll give your look the edge. 

Find happiness in the little things and embrace an uplifting pastel combination. Salt-Water Originals come in a staggering array of colours so there are endless options to play with. Shiny pale pink Originals and lemon socks suggest the summer to come, and we all need something to look forward to.

Our Classic style is the ultimate work-from-home shoe. Wear them with warm thick tights for extra cosiness. This elegant style is adjustable over the toe and available in nine gorgeous colours. Make it a statement with contrasting colours and textures.