Our New Green Initiative

Monday 17 June 2024
Our New Green Initiative

This World Environment Day we introduced our new green initiative
Energy From Waste!

EFW is the process of generating energy in the form of electricity and/or heat using waste materials, in our case faulty, irreparable returns or old, very worn out sandals.

Now for the sciencey bit!

We work with a pyrolysis company (essentially pyrolysis is very advanced incineration as it operates without oxygen and extracts the chemical elements for fuel, all done at very low atmospheric emissions, whilst also utilising the parasitic heat created in the process for steam generation for electrical generation) - meaning your worn out Salt-Waters could be turned into regenerative energy!

Grown out of last year's sandals and want to save the planet and your pocket? Read on...

As it's finally reaching sandal season in the UK the big wardrobe switch over is no-doubt in full force. If your little-ones have grown out of last years sandals - don't just bin them, send them to our re-cycling partner Reskinned Clothing and receive £10 off a new pair of kids sandals. The take-back scheme isn't just for kids! If your sandals have had their last adventures, or you just want to update them for a new colour, return your pre-loved sandals to Re_Skinned and receive £15 towards a new pair of adults sandals! Great for you... and the planet!