Pregnancy Sandals - Soft Sole & Slide

Tuesday 19 December 2023
Pregnancy Sandals - Soft Sole & Slide
Whilst it is a truly magical time (congratulations!), growing a baby can take its toll on our bodies with side effects ranging from morning sickness to heartburn. One of the most common issues is swollen feet. Taking short walks, swimming and drinking plenty of water can all help but key to reducing swelling is wearing the right shoes. Please note though that if you’re feeling unsure or concerned about any side effects you’re experiencing it’s always the best idea to call your midwife or doctor for advice.

The Classic Slide

As baby grows and you get bigger it can become increasingly difficult to bend over and put shoes on so slides make really good pregnancy sandals. Feet slip in easily and the buckled front on this style can accommodate any changes that might occur.

The Salt-Water Classic Slide comes in nine highly wearable shades from everyday neutrals like tan and black to exciting new colourways like mustard and claret. If you need cute pregnancy sandals for an event you could also check out the Classic Slide in our premium metallic finish, rose gold or pewter, both are comfortable and flat but also that extra bit special.

The Boardwalk

Swollen feet and ankles are caused by increased fluid in the body and our newly developed soft sole range make wonderfully supportive sandals for pregnancy. The Boardwalk style boasts a soft, cushioning sole to support the extra weight you’re carrying. They are lightweight and allow your feet to breathe, the perfect sandals for pregnancy. As with the Classic Slide, the buckled front can accommodate widening feet as and when required.

When walking in any Salt-Water Sandal the leather gently stretches over time which makes them super comfortable pregnancy sandals. And what’s more… they’re waterproof! The Boardwalk comes in three colours, black, claret and tan.

And if you can’t resist the charm of a little family coordination the joys of mini-me styling await!